Football as a tool for social inclusion

Are you into sports but lack motivation?

Would you like to take on football? 

The aim of this project is to arouse interest among young adults in marginal areas using football as the main tool for social inclusion. 

With «Include me», we aim to engage young adults to do exercise in a safe and inclusive environment in such a way that you don’t lose interest and keep practicing sport, which is a funny way to meet people, feel part of a team, stay healthy and, why not, make a profession of it.

The project seeks to achieve social inclusion of young adults in marginal areas (more concretely, Rinkeby and Tensta in Stockholm, Sweden, and the Tarragona province in Spain), using football as the main tool.


First transnational meeting in Spain​
Publication of the guidelines based on good practices & case studies
Launch of the e-learning platform with materials for a training for coaches
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August 2022
January 2023
March 2023



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