Training for coaches

Training for coaches

Brinner du så mycket för fotboll att du vill ta ett steg längre?

Are you so passionate about football that you want to take a step further?

¿Quieres ir más allá de jugar y entrenar a tu propio equipo?

Do you want to go beyond playing and coach your own team?

¿O tal vez has estado entrenando a tus jugadores pero sientes que necesitas más entrenamiento?

Or maybe you have been coaching your players but feel that you need more training?

This programme is for you

«Include me» will provide you with methodologies, training resources and techniques that will improve the quality of your coaching. You will become a role model for your players and will contribute to the creation of healthier community interactions and even to the improvement of the football level in your country.

There will be a training on teamwork, respect and empathy. You will have access to an online platform where theory sessions will be held, doubts will be dealt individually via email and practice will take place in a field.

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